“The Terry Family Vineyard is one of the most unique sites I have farmed. Rocks are not a new phenomenon in the vineyard, but the rocky crest of the hill is something spectacular. The vineyard had a coat of basalt cobbles that caused havoc for us during development. Now those rocks have been organized into short walls below the vines. The stones inhibit weeds, absorb heat during the day and radiate it at night. The underlying soil is uplifted marine sediment of the Willakenzie type, making for a beautiful juxtaposition between the volcanic basalt, ancient seabed, and our vines struggling through it all. I am always amazed how we can have such a unique terroir that is specific to just this site.”

– Evan Bellingar, Vineyard Manager

and Wine Vineyard Every Vine Map

1PacificaPinot Noir667101-14
2Wedding TreePinot Noir9433309
3SysiphusPinot NoirPommard3309
4Lightning RodPinot Noir777101-14
5John J. KramerChardonnay69(76)101-14
7Home OakChardonnay46(75)101-14
10BradiePinot Noir1153309
11J. AddisonPinot NoirCoury101-14
12Trixie's PoolPinot Noir9433309
13Christmas TreePinot Noir828101-14
# 1BLOCK NAME PacificaVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 2BLOCK NAME Wedding TreeVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 3BLOCK NAME SysiphusVARIETY Pinot Noir
CLONE Pommard
# 4BLOCK NAME Lightning RodVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 5BLOCK NAME John J. KramerVARIETY Chardonnay
CLONE 69(76)
# 6BLOCK NAME AriaVARIETY Chardonnay
# 7BLOCK NAME Home OakVARIETY Chardonnay
CLONE 46(75)
# 8BLOCK NAME MarianaVARIETY Chardonnay
CLONE 37(95)
# 9BLOCK NAME GatewayVARIETY Chardonnay
CLONE 44(Musque)
# 10BLOCK NAME BradieVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 11BLOCK NAME J. AddisonVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 12BLOCK NAME Trixie's PoolVARIETY Pinot Noir
# 13BLOCK NAME Christmas TreeVARIETY Pinot Noir

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as told by Rick Terry

Although our family is relatively new to the wine business, farming has been in our DNA for centuries. Our very name – Terry – is derived from the French word “terre” meaning “of the earth.” Our family lineage is humble. We are farmers, ranchers, arborists, and vine tenders. Ours is a rich history of living on the land.  Our Grandparents first tended vines in the Mosel River Valley of Germany, then farmed in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Great Plains states. Now, a new generation continues their tradition in Oregon.

The Terry Family

As a young man fresh out of college I aspired to change our family’s trajectory and chose city life, away from the rolling hills of the family farm. Determined to get as far away as possible from the hard work in the hot sun, and cold winter months, I chose a career in wealth management. My love of the land never wavered.

Over the years I found that spending my leisure time outside, mostly as a ‘wine tourist’ greatly invigorated me. My greatest joys and fondest memories came while touring the great vineyards of the world, and enjoying the community of food and wine with my family. I dreamt of growing my own grapes and making my own wine.

Heaven on Earth

In 2010, I could no longer resist the sirens’ song. I began looking at established vineyards for sale in the Willamette Valley but none felt right. My dream came to fruition in the most unlikely of places – an overgrown, abandoned farm on a sunny hillside in Yamhill-Carlton. I can see it in my mind’s eye and feel the sun on my face like it was yesterday.

As I stood on that hilltop surrounded by rocks and poison oak, I stared across the Willamette Valley at Mt. Hood. Like a pleasant dream, the undulating hillside revealed herself to me utterly transformed, filled now with rows of vines laden with lush fruit. In that moment, I knew this was the place. The Terry family had come full circle – from work boots to loafers and back again.

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Minimalism, excellence, sustainability, and authenticity are our core values in business and in life. Above all, we are minimalists. We are dry farmers, entirely dependent on the vagaries of nature to provide necessary hydration. Without irrigation, our vines are forced to struggle for life-giving water and nourishment deep in the Willakenzie soils and volcanic Basalt bristling throughout our property.

...and... Wine's founder Rick Terry realizing a dream

We consciously keep much of our farmable land in its primitive state, as it has been for eons. We encourage the elk and black tail deer that make this place their home to stay… just on their side of the fence. We intentionally and peacefully coexist with them. Currently we farm 15 of our 57 acres. The remainder of our property is kept in its primal state, an unfenced haven for ancient flora and fauna. We carefully preserved hundreds of ancient trees, silent witnesses to epic stories that remain untold.

Our minimalist philosophy continues from the vineyard to the winery. At harvest, our dedicated crew arrives before sunrise. We hand pick our grapes, and while they are still cool, we carefully transport them to our team of hand sorters at the winery. Multiple pairs of experienced eyes ensure that every single grape is without blemish, so that only the very best fruit from our estate makes its way into your glass.

Minimalist Excellence

As fermentation begins, we allow only native yeasts from our own terroir to do the important work of natural fermentation. We never use commercial yeast, no matter how inconvenient. We relish the fact that our wines are authentic and taste different from year to year based on nature’s whims. Subtle nuances of flavor arise from each year’s varying heat and rainfall, wind, intention, and spirit. Our wines are unfiltered and unfined, resulting in wine that speaks its truth with as little manipulation from us as possible.

Experience the variety of life.

Our values are expressed in our label . . . and . . . which graphically expresses our belief in the power of minimalism and authenticity. Three letters and six dots on organic paper embossed with the actual topographic lines of our steep and undulating property. Our label colors are basic and natural, each color selected from somewhere on our 57 acres. From the mists of time to the eternal now, Nature has invested eons heaving away at our craggy hillside, making it the work in progress that it is today. We embrace our role as stewards of an ongoing project that is without end.

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THE STORY of ...and...

Perhaps the most surprising discovery thus far has been how difficult it is to come up with a name that is both unique and meaningful, which can also be trademarked. For the first several years of our existence, we assumed that we could just use our family name, and we operated as Terry Family Wines. In the autumn of 2014, with wine ready to be bottled, we learned a new label was needed because a derivation of “Terry” was trademarked by a global company.

Stunned, we began searching for a meaningful name that wasn’t already taken. Our family gathered often, yellow note pads at the ready, glasses of wine in hand, listing countless ideas for names. The ones we considered revolved around themes that are important to us: nature, music, art, spirituality, love, family, and many others. We fell in love with the perfect name many times, only to find that it was already taken.

Happily Ever After

We began to notice a pattern. The names that we liked the most were two or more words linked together. Sometimes it was a melodic or unusual pairing of words or ideas… Sometimes we were drawn to names that were a comparison of two polarities.

We considered hundreds of names. Dictionaries were consulted. Synonyms and antonyms were compared. One evening we noticed that the common theme in all the names we liked was the word “and.” We got excited about the idea of “and” as a potential brand. After all, “and” the conjunction, is the ultimate connector of words, ideas, and phrases, much like our wine is a connector of people, ideas, food, nature and families.


“…and…” was certainly minimal as a name goes, but the question arose of “and” what? “And” is not a connector until it has two or more ideas to connect. The Eureka moment arrived when we came up with the idea of ellipses, the three dots preceding or following a word. We decided to put the ellipses at the front and back of the word “and” thus evoking the connotation of openness, surrounding the connectivity of “and”. The idea of universal connectivity was very exciting to us as a metaphor of how we see our wines – a connector of people, places, ideas, senses, nature’s rhythms, and family. Thus, our brand was born.

…and… is more than a wine or a brand, it represents a lifestyle of inclusion. In the midst of a world that is too often marked by exclusion, we invite you to share a bottle of our wine with friends, old and new, and to harmonize, unite, and gather to celebrate the simple things that join us all. We hope that you will enjoy our wines and that they will provide the backdrop for many happy adventures and exciting connections.

The Terry Wedding


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Rick Terry, Founder

Rick is a contrarian – looking for truth far away from the mainstream, prefering to “zig” when the conventional wisdom is to “zag”. His fierce independence and rigorous thought process earned him a reputation as a truth-teller, prickly at times, but always authentic.
Well-meaning friends sometimes say to Rick “What are you thinking? It’s time to play it safe, ease into a comfortable semi-retirement. You’ve had a nice career and it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself.” But Rick’s reply is “not a chance.” He is excited about the family’s boutique vineyard which showcases …and…, the brand he created with Ad and Colleen. What could be more exciting than an Oregon adventure with those he loves most: his children, Ad and Colleen, his wife, Leslie, and Trixie, their vineyard dog? Come join them on their journey. You won’t be disappointed!

James Addison Terry, Co-founder

James Addison Terry, or “Ad” as he is commonly referred to by friends and family, was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His interest in the outdoors and live music, is a natural outgrowth of his time in Austin and Boulder. After graduation, he landed at YETI Coolers as one of their first 50 employees. During his time at YETI Ad witnessed their phenomenal growth and observed how the company changed as it grew and attracted capital. It was at YETI that he learned the importance of customer service to a brand.

In 2014 Ad was lured away to another startup where he experienced heady growth and discovered the power of digital media and e-commerce to support a young brand as it grew into a multi-million-dollar business.

Ad has long been a lover of wine and was thrilled when the opportunity to start a Pacific Northwest wine brand with family presented itself. His skill set, honed at the two prior startups, has been an invaluable asset in bringing …and… Wine Company to market.

His love of travel, live music, food and wine, and the great outdoors continues to this day.

Colleen Terry, Co-founder

Colleen graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Film Production and Music Business. She has always appreciated fine wine, and began her career as a wine consultant at an upscale family-run chain of wine stores in Texas. It was in those years that Colleen began mastering the business aspects of wine sales, marketing and distribution. Though Colleen now works in human resources in San Antonio, Texas, …and… exists in the “someday” space of her future.

As for now, she will continue to be an avid Oregon wine fan, a label enthusiast, and soon-to-be-hostess at our tasting room. Despite living miles from family, friends, and fruit, the camaraderie and cooperation of the Oregon wine community keeps her invested in her dream. Colleen sees value in small production and thoughtfully produced wine, with an end goal of connecting elements and ideas which might otherwise remain separate…

Jared Etzel, Winemaker
Winemaker Jared Etzel’s mantra is zero compromise when it comes to quality. Jared is the second generation of Oregon Pinot Noir producer Beaux Freres, and started working in the vineyard at the age of 10. He received his bachelor’s degree in Enology & Viticulture from Oregon State University and continued his education working vintages in the Willamette Valley, Rioja, Priorat, Napa, and the Sonoma Coast. Jared consults with a few clients who share his vision of pushing the envelope in order to bring recognition to Oregon as one of the highest quality wine producing regions in the world.

Evan Bellingar, Vineyard Manager
Evan Bellingar earned a degree in Horticulture from Oregon State University, and was OSU’s first graduate with the Viticulture and Enology Option. Evan was the student manager at OSU’s research vineyard. In 2011, Evan came to Yamhill County and joined Results Partners, a local vineyard development and management company, as a site manager. Evan has been at the Terry Family Vineyard site from day one. He has overseen the transformation of an abandoned Christmas tree farm that was little more than an unkempt rock pile overrun with wild berries, all the way through excavation, planting, fencing and cultivation to today’s sustainably farmed and manicured vineyard.

Trixie, Vineyard Dog
I’ve been at the vineyard since Day 1, watching it change from an overgrown rock pile to a heavenly place for an outdoor dog like me.

I’m a very busy girl – gopher digging, patrolling the fences, welcoming guests, dozing by the fire and keeping my humans sane in the rainy season.

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Our Wines
... and ... WINE NEWS

December 6th, 2021

We Have a 10 Year Old!

Nope, it’s not a later-in-life accident that has our friends and relatives gossiping, and our children mortified with embarrassment. Yet this event has some things in common with such a calamity.

For example, our ten-year-old will likely outlive us all, and so far, has taken all our spare money to raise her… with no end in sight. Of course, we do this willingly and with much love.

We gaze lovingly at her and we never cease enjoying our time together. Our ten-year-old has shown great promise from birth, and over the past few years, she’s received lots of awards and compliments which we never tire of hearing.

We won’t deny that we are a little surprised at our youngster’s performance… and to say we’re proud is an understatement.

ten-year-old vinesLooking back, her Terrible Twos were the most challenging. We often asked ourselves ‘What have we done?’ Nothing we saw suggested any chance of a mature being ever blossoming out of her wildness. Unkempt and poorly behaved we resorted to faith that a transition would finally happen someday.

Then just as our faith was waning, we began to see little glimmers of possibility, and at about 5 years old she turned the corner to become a beautiful young lady. Years six through eight steady progress was made and now, at her tenth birthday, she is magnificent!

Yes, dear readers, we are the proud parents of a ten-year-old wine business and vineyard. It’s been a long and unbelievably challenging slog. We’re proud we made it this far and we know that without our family and friends it would have never happened.

But we aren’t just proud because we lasted ten years… We’ve been busy making our wines better and more accessible than ever before. We are proud to say that you can now have our beautiful wines shipped to 40+ states – even a challenging one like Alabama!

We’ve been celebrating all year, but now it is time to thank y’all for your continued support. We simply couldn’t survive without loyal customers like you and referrals to your clients and friends. We’re feeling particularly festive during this holiday season and we hope that this is your best one yet!

Rick, Leslie, James, Colleen, and Trixie

February 17th, 2017


Let’s Celebrate! – by Rick Terry

Ah February, such a quirky little month. Only 28 days short, except when it’s 29. It kind of reminds me of Pluto, the Planet, except when it’s a celestial snowball or dwarf planet.  February is such an anomaly. Health Club crowds are back to normal. All but the staunchest resolutioneers have reverted to sleeping in, their resolutions now a distant memory, waiting on the shelf until they take a go at it next year.

February is a month where there is so much to celebrate and yet so few days to indulge in celebrating. What are you celebrating in the waning days of this shortest month?

We are cramming as much as we can into the remainder of this little gem of a month.  We’ve already enjoyed a Snow Moon, a Partial Eclipse, Valentine’s Day, and we are barely half done!

February 18th, is DRINK WINE DAY, and, OPEN THAT BOTTLE NIGHT, both legitimate annual holidays for wine drinkers. Need an excuse for some weekday indulgence? Raise a glass for President’s Day, February 20th or upgrade from beads and beer on Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, February 28th. As for us, we are celebrating 3 great surprises: Recent blind tastings by Wine Spectator Magazine awarded our 2014 Pinot Noir a score of 92, followed closely by a 90 for our Estate Chardonnay, and an 88 on our Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay!

To help you celebrate during the remainder of February, all our wines are on sale for $40 per bottle (we pay shipping on orders of 6 or more). To purchase at this one-time only discounted friends and family rate, email your orders to info@andwinecompany.com. Sale ends 2/28. Recent accolades have already taken a toll on our inventory, so replenish your stock of …and…wines today!

As a young company, we are very proud of these scores. We appreciate all of you who believed in us from the start! Please follow us on social media.   Your “Likes”, “Shares”,  and photos of you with friends and family enjoying …and… wines posted on your Facebook pages and our and wine Company’s Facebook page, are much appreciated! Be sure to tag us, and use our hashtag #andwinecompany too!

We don’t make the most wine we can, we make the best wine we can.

Rick Terry





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